Marijuana poisoning in pets on the rise


(WTHR) — A California doctor is sending a warning to pet owners who use marijuana after she says her dog got sick due to THC in her system.

Dr. Jen Gunter posted on Facebook saying she left the dog at home while she went shopping. When she returned home, Gunter says her dog couldn't support her own weight, was drifting in and out of consciousness and twitching uncontrollably.

After doing a tox screen, she discovered her dog had THC in her blood.

"If you use marijuana please don't discard any leftovers," she suggests in the Facebook post. "What is a tiny dose for a human can be very toxic for a pet."

Gunter said she thinks her dog ate something with marijuana in it while on a run earlier in the day.

Gunter told NBC News staff at the emergency veterinarian clinic immediately said it was marijuana poisoning.

"The nurse came over and said, 'This looks like this could be marijuana poisoning; we see that all the time,'" Gunter said.

According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association calls to the Veterinary Services Poison Helpline about marijuana ingestion in pets have increased nearly 450 percent in the last six years.

A vet with the ASPCA says dogs are more frequently poisoned with marijuana because they are more "curious" and "indiscriminate eaters" than cats. Thankfully, it is treatable, but it can be very dangerous for dogs.

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