Marijuana activists march in Indianapolis

A few dozen marijuana activists marched from Monument Circle to the Indiana Statehouse Monday. The group was calling for the legalization of marijuana in Indiana.

It was part of a nationwide effort to push for legalization, with "4/20" marches and celebrations in cities across the country. Colorado and Washington decriminalized marijuana in 2012, with Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC following suit in 2014, although cannabis still has Schedule 1 status under federal law.

Attitudes towards the drug have changed in states where it's been legalized - even to the point of Denver Police tweeting Sunday, "We see you rollin, but we ain't hatin - HAHA...Seriously though, #Denver, please remember to #Consume Responsibly this 4/20 weekend."

While there were some bills introduced this legislative session about marijuana, none call for outright legalization. House bills 1387 and 1450 and Senate Bill 475 related to criminal exemptions for cannabis oil and hemp oil or extract for medicinal use. So far none have passed.

What do you think? Should marijuana be legalized in Indiana?