Marcus Schrenker to be released from federal custody Friday

Scott Swan interviews Marcus Schrenker in prison

A former Indiana millionaire is set to be released from federal custody Friday.

Marcus Schrenker admitted to crashing an airplane to fake his own death. He is wrapping up his federal sentence in Florida, which included time at the Miami Correctional Facility for charges that include securities fraud.

The former Indiana man had a $10 million net worth, but now doesn't have a nickel to his name.

Despite that, the former Geist money manager says he'll pay back more than $650,000 that he's accused of scheming from clients.

Only Eyewitness News anchor Scott Swan received an invitation to visit Schrenker in prison.

STORY: One-on-one with Marcus Schrenker

He faked his own death by jumping from an airplane, only to be caught days later.

Recently, his days have been spent reading and reflecting and taking up a new hobby — painting.

It replaces his passion for airplanes and his addiction to potent pain killers. 

"I destroyed everything in my life," Schrenker said. "In a matter of a year, I destroyed my business, my marriage, all my friendships. All I really cared about was where I would get my next pill. Where am I going to get the next Oxycontin?

"I thought if it looked like I died, and the airplane went out in the Gulf of Mexico, that Michelle would get over $10 million in life insurance. It would be an accident. It would look like an accident."

Schrenker is due to be released Friday morning.

It's unclear if he'll return to Indiana and the live he had.

During the interview with Scott Swan, Schrenker said Hollywood has approached him about telling his story.

It's unclear if he'll follow through, but that money could certainly be used to pay back his former clients.

"I'm very sorry what happened to those clients and the money they've lost and I'm going to do what I have to do to make that right,” Schrenker said during the 2011 interview.

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