A man’s love for life, family and Halloween


GREENWOOD (WTHR) — It will be Halloween soon. Do you have your decorations up, and your costumes picked out? One dad in Greenwood does.

In October, just leave the yard work and decorating to Jeremy Stout. His wife, Erin, follows his lead. The joy for this time of the year started years ago. Jeremy says his mom was really big into Halloween. During the first two decades of Jeremy's life, his love for it kept growing.

"Our very first date was at a Halloween party that she and her friend had," said Jeremy. "On October 25, 1996, her and her friend had a Halloween party, and we had our first kiss that night, and I was dressed as a woman."

While Jeremy and Erin, unfortunately, don't have that picture, they do have all kinds of pictures of their costumes over the years plus all the memories to go with them.

"What I remember from when we met in college, it was always the shoulders," said Erin. "He was always in the middle of the dance floor."

Erin says he still makes her laugh all these years later.

"It's fun to live life with him," said Erin. "He makes people laugh. He finds humor in any situation."

At this point, Jeremy's two sons aren't even fazed by their dad. But in just a few weeks, Jay and Eli won't be able to refrain from doing a double take. That's because this year for Halloween, Jeremy and Erin are dressing up as their sons.

"We talk to them a lot about having fun," said Jeremy. "Not taking yourself too seriously."

Erin hopes the kids will not only inherit dad's ability to pick out a killer costume, but also his entire philosophy on life.

"He always looks on the positive side," said Erin. "He's teaching the boys to find the positive. Be good people. Be kind to others always."

"Just have fun with life," said Jeremy. "Let's just have fun with it while we're here. I try to pass on to them what my parents passed on to me, which is treat others how you want to be treated. Be nice. Love each other. Be kind. If everyone could do that we'd be much better off."

Every year, Jeremy and his wife participate in the Polar Plunge, which raises money for Special Olympics Indiana. Jeremy dresses up every year for the Polar Plunge, too. Usually, there's a theme, like one year they dressed up as some of the roles Tom Hanks has played in different movies and characters from "The Greatest Showman."

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