Man who heard calls for help discovers longtime friend stranded on White River


"He owes me one, some chores around the campground or something, but I'm just glad he's OK," said Anthony Davis.

Davis was in the right place at the right time when he came to the rescue of a friend whose boat capsized on the White River in Jackson County.

Davis said he was crossing a covered bridge when he heard screams.

"When it's flooded, it's kind of an understood thing, when you come down here you turn the radio off, open your windows 'cause if somebody is yelling, it's the only way you're gonna hear them and usually, like I said, it get like this, somebody gets unfortunate and gets in there and gets stuck. I just happened to hear him, by the grace of God, I heard him."

Davis got out and, using a spotlight, spotted a man clinging to a tree. He quickly called for rescuers. They were able to pull 59-year-old Jerry Cash out of the water.

As it turns out, the two men have known each other for 25 years.

Cash was taken to the hospital but should be OK.

Police say Cash he was trying to retrieve a canoe from the river's edge when his boat capsized.

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