Man turns Craigslist prank into Christmas miracle


OMAHA, Neb. (WTHR) - A Nebraska man said he was the victim of a cruel prank right before the holidays, but decided to turn the situation into a positive experience.

Mike Clemente said someone rang his doorbell on Wednesday. It was two women responding to a Craigslist ad for "free toys." The ad used his address, but he's not the one who posted it. Instead, he said the poster was a former friend.

"Once I told them that I wasn't in charge of that ad, the look on their face was just...depressing," Clemente said.

He was crushed, but then realized he had used toys in the garage and invited the women back.

"It just dawned on me on the way to work, 'You guys can come back and grab what you want out of the garage because we're not going to use it'," he said. "'We're going through stuff we don't need. You're more than welcome to come get it.'"

He posted his story on Facebook and his friends stepped up to donate even more used toys and money to help out.