Man stuck in snow for 5 days survives off Taco Bell sauce packets

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office says a Sunriver man and his dog survived for five days while stuck in the snow on a Forest Service road. They say the man used taco sauce packets he had as food. (Photo: Deschutes County Sheriff's Office)

DESCHUTES COUNTY, Ore. (WTHR) – The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office in Oregon says a man who was stuck in the snow on a Forest Service road survived off of a few taco sauce packets for the five days that he was stranded.

The sheriff's office said a snowmobiler found 36-year-old Jeremy Taylor with his dog Ally around 2:15 p.m. Friday.

He had been missing since Sunday, February 24. By Wednesday, the sheriff's office had issued a missing person alert for Taylor.

Taylor told his rescuers that he got stuck in deep snow and slept in his car. When he woke up Monday, more snow has fallen.

He attempted to hike out but the snow was too deep, so Taylor and his dog Ally returned to his car.

"Thank you everyone, I'm safe my Ally dog is safe. I really appreciate all the help. Got lucky, lets never do that again. I'll be in touch with everyone soon," he wrote on his Facebook page late Friday.

When a friend commented on his Facebook post about the Taco Bell sauce he replied, "taco bell fire sauce saves lives."

Taylor and his dog were both in good condition when found but were very hungry, authorities said.

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