Man shot while walking dog on Indianapolis west side


An Indianapolis man was shot while he was out walking his dog on the city's northwest side.

Police are investigating possible connections between the incident and a Southport fatal shooting and chase that ended in a crash in Brownsburg.

The shooting happened in off Dandy Trail at the entrance to the Rutherglen subdivision. That's  near Eagle Creek Reservoir on the Indianapolis west side. Wednesday evening, a dive team was searching for evidence along the shores of the reservoir.

Rex Souter, 64, and his dog Daisy dodged a bunch of bullets. They were out walking Wednesday morning as they do every day through Souter's west side neighborhood on Dandy Trail.

Souter says a car pulled over as he was walking. Souter looked up and saw a man in passenger seat pointing a gun. Without saying a word, the man started firing.

"I take our dog out to walk almost every day in one direction or the other. To have this vehicle pull up like somebody's gonna ask for directions - which they do sometimes - and then pull out a pistol and start taking shots, and it wasn't just one. It was five or six shots. And then went up the street and came back after me. I ran behind one of the houses in the neighborhood so he couldn't get a clear shot again," said Souter.

"I'm thinking, what in God's name - what brought this on? I don't know these people. I never saw this vehicle. I never saw these people before. I'm just a guy walking a dog down the street and they pull out a pistol and start firing at me?"

Spent shell casings littered the street and Souter and Daisy ran for their lives.

One bullet pierced his side as he fled. Souter heard the car pull away and thought he was safe. But then the car turned around and came back. Souter hid behind houses until the car drove off again.

Souter ran back to his house and wound up in the St. Vincent emergency room. The bullet barely pierced his skin and left a clean "in and out" wound. Souter was back at home recovering this afternoon.