Man sentenced to 33 years for role in Craigslist murder

Tyshaune and Tryon Kincade

Two brothers now sit behind bars, convicted of robbery and murder in connection with a Craigslist posting that turned deadly.

Iraq War veteran James Vester died after brothers Tyshaune and Tryon Kincade targeted him in a robbery scheme.

"It has been one of the hardest things," said Walter Vester outside of Courtroom 3.

Twice, he sat across from the men who admitted to robbing, shooting, and killing his son, Jim, after Jim responded to a Craigslist ad for an iPad in 2013. Jim Vester had planned the iPad as a gift to his dad.

"He was just a wonderful person and loved by so many," said Janice Vester, his mother.

In May, 19-year-old Tyshaune Kincade was sentenced to 50 years in prison for Vester's murder. Monday, it was 20-year-old Tryon Kincade in front of the judge, sentenced to 33 years for robbing Vester of his cellphone.

"It's not going to bring Jim back," Walter said, as the hearing came to an end.

The plea deal calls for 28 years in prison and five years of community corrections.

Before signing off on the deal, Judge Sheila Carlisle had strong words for Kincade after learning his response to the crime. Kincade reportedly told staff "it is what it is..."

"That was very hard, so I'm not sure he's learned his lesson," Janice Vester told Eyewitness News.

"You are not quite there yet in being responsible or remorseful," Carlisle told Kincade. "You need to sit and think about what you took away. It is robbery where someone died...It was a life worth living that was lost."

"When he said, 'It is what it is,' I don't think he meant it in a disrespectful way, or hurtful way. Just that there was nothing now he could do to change it," explained Defense Attorney Kim DeVane.

With two guilty pleas now behind them, the Vesters have just one hope.

"We just have to move on. We will never, ever forget and we just have to heal, and just pray that God heals us and the memory of Jim goes on. That's all we can do...and pray for that family as well," said Janice.

Family and friends of the Kincades declined to comment.