Man says he was mugged for his bike on Monon Trail

Man Robbed on Monon Trail
Man robbed riding to work
INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A man is recovering after getting mugged on the Monon Trail while riding his bike to work.

“I live in a city where I can bike, so I’m going to bike,” explained Jack Kennady on why he chooses to ride his bike to work every day, 13 miles round trip from his home in Broad Ripple.

Right now though, the 24 year old needs a new bike.

Kennady says a man robbed him last week on the Monon Trail, stealing the bike that was a gift from his father in law.

“I had come along and he decided my bike would be something good to steal,” said Kennady, who explained it all happened pretty fast, right under the I-70 overpass Thursday morning.

Kennady was heading south when he saw a man heading in the same direction on the other side of the trail.

“He was riding a small bike pushing a meat smoker and so it was kinda weird,” Kennady explained, saying as he got closer, the man got off his bike.

“As I was passing him, he took his bike and threw it into the front wheel of my bike so effectively knocking me off the bike onto the ground, stunning me and then he stood over me,” Kennady remembered.

“I looked up at him and I was like, ‘What do you want?’ and he said, ‘I want your bike,’” Kennady remembered.

So he let the man have it and ran to the end of the Monon, to the 10th Street entrance and called for help.

“Thank goodness I had my wallet and my phone and my keys on my person so he didn’t get any of that,” said Kennady, who went back to the trail the next day, but didn’t see any signs of the man or his bike.

For now, Kennady’s getting a ride to work because he doesn’t own a car.

His bike was his only transportation.

He says what happened though won’t stop him or scare him away.

“I really do feel like I was unlucky just like I said. I think the Monon is safe. I think what I’m going to change is I’m going to start riding with a buddy,” Kennady explained.

He believes that could have made the difference and is thankful he wasn’t hurt beyond a few scrapes and bruises.

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