Man pays $1,000 of strangers' groceries at Arkansas Kroger

Grocery store clerk Tiffany Pierce checks out a customer at a Kroger in Maumelle, Arkansas. (Photo: KARK via NBC News)

MAUMELLE, Ark. (WTHR) — An anonymous man showed a special act of kindness in hopes of sparking a chain reaction Sunday.

The man was shopping at a Kroger store in Maumelle, Arkansas when he asked store manager Tommy McElmurry if he could pay for groceries for customers that need a helping hand. McElmurry said he was suspicious at first, but ultimately let the man have his way.

"It's not every day that somebody comes in and tells you that they want to spend $1,000 and just bless people by taking care of their groceries," McElmurry said.

Customers came through cashier Tiffany Pierce's checkout line shuffling for their cash or cards before realizing what was about to happen. One of those customers was Rachael Juliet, a mom of three.

"I was like, 'Are you serious? This has never happened to me,'" Juliet said.

Juliet had her daughter with her at the time and expressed how grateful she was at the random act.

Pierce said the man set an example for others to step out and see how you can help other people.

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