Man on a mission to mow veterans' lawns in all 50 states


(WTHR) – A man is on a mission to make sure veterans know that they're appreciated.

Rodney Smith Jr. will be going on a "Thank You for Your Service Tour" to visit all 50 states and mow the lawns of one or two military veterans in each state.

In addition to mowing lawns, Smith will also be giving each veteran that he meets a framed "thank you" letter and a custom-made T-shirt.

"I am doing this tour because I want our veterans to know they are appreciated. We need to give veterans who have honorably served this country 'their flowers while they are alive.' With each passing day, we are losing 372 veterans from the 'greatest generation.' Some have left this earth having never heard a heart-felt 'thank you for your service,'" Smith wrote on his website.

Smith started his Raising Men Lawn Care Service, a foundation that not only mows lawns for those in need but also works to inspire young men and women to make a difference.

Then he decided to do a little more. In May of 2017, Smith embarked on a similar lawn mowing tour that he called "50 lawns in 50 states."

Smith has also been documenting the tour on his Facebook page.

Smith will be traveling to Indianapolis on May 16 as part of the tour.

To submit a lawn for him to mow, click here.

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