Man gets probation for letting dog freeze, putting body in dumpster

(Photo: Indianapolis Animal Care Services)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - An Indianapolis man has pleaded guilty to letting his dog freeze to death during an arctic blast in January. The case left City-County Council members outraged and calling for justice.

It all started with a welfare check on a dog named Remy at his East 10th Street home. Even before learning who is responsible, council members came out calling for police to make sure the owner was held accountable.

Animal Control sent Eyewitness News photographs in the case of dog who apparently froze to death. When volunteers from Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) responded to a call to check on the dog.

They snapped the photos of the dog inside a dumpster, frozen to death and told Councilman Zach Adamson. The offense happened in his district where Adamson has two pet rescue boxers.

“Everybody knew this was going to be a really bad storm. It's heartbreaking to think that someone would disregard their pet that way," Adamson said.

Metro police arrested 62-year-old Gordon Turentine for cruelty to an animal on February 1. Turentine reportedly told officers he placed Remy in the dumpster after finding her frozen the morning of January 30.

Monday, Turentine was sentenced to 363 days of probation. As part of his senence, he must also complete a moral therapy program.

Adamson not only hopes Turentine realizes it's against law drafted by the city council, but that "the animal belongs to you. It's your responsibility, legally." Adamson said he also wanted Turentine to think twice about dog ownership in the future.

If you see an animal left out in the cold, please call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622. If it’s at night, call 317-327-3811.