Man fatally shot by IMPD officer had history of domestic violence

Kevin Hicks
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Wife of man shot by IMPD officer wants officer "held accountable" (Sunrise)
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Even before the encounter with Indianapolis Metro Police that led to 44-year-old Kevin Hicks' death, he was no stranger to police.

Court records show that police were frequent visitors at the home of Kevin Hicks and his wife, in some instances because she called 911 saying her husband was trying to kill her. The most recent incident was in August 2015. Police were called to the home on two other occasions last year.

Court records show Heather Hicks called police after she said her husband tried to choke her during a fight over his drinking while he was serving home detention. She told police that Hicks "got in her face and took her cell phone from her and then placed his hand around her throat and began to squeeze." 

According to officers who showed up to investigate, Heather Hicks "had red marks and small scratches on her throat from where Mr. Hicks assaulted her."

Hicks eventually pleaded guilty to battery in that case.  The court dismissed charges of strangulation and domestic battery.

Heather Hicks later sent a letter to the court asking a judge to drop a restraining order against her husband.

"We have a two-year-old son so I need him to help me with," Heather Hicks wrote. "My job requires me to travel out of town quite often and I need to be able to have contact with Kevin. Yes, we have had a few incidents between the two of us, but I do believe with the alcohol treatment he is getting through the courts, this will not be an issue any longer."

But a month after the judge honored Heather Hicks' request. Police were back at the Hicks' home for another domestic violence call.

Hicks spent time in a Department of Corrections facility and was sent to a work release program last month.

According to court documents, Kevin Hicks got a pass from that program Tuesday to go job hunting, but didn't come back at 3:00 pm when he was supposed to. When Hicks couldn't be found, the center filed paperwork and got an arrest warrant.

That paperwork was faxed to the court just after midnight. A few hours later, Hicks was dead.