Man facing charges for hiding camera in United Airlines plane bathroom

(Photo: Shutterstock/bookzv)

SAN DIEGO (WTHR) — A Malaysian national is facing prison time and a fine after a plane passenger found a hidden camera in a first-class bathroom.

It happened on a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston, according to NBC News. The woman went to the bathroom and found an item hanging near the door hinge with a blue blinking light. She gave it to the flight crew, who discovered it was a hidden camera that had caught two women in the bathroom on a previous Emirates flight.

Because the footage never showed the person's face who planted it, authorities had to work with the clues they had about the suspect's clothing: jeans, a blue shirt and black tennis shoes.

They matched the description to a Malaysian man named Choon Ping Lee. He's facing federal charges for video voyeurism and could serve up to a year in prison and have to pay a fine if he's convicted.

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