Man exposes himself to students at Indianapolis school

Daniel Webster School 46 (WTHR Staff)
Man Accused of Exposing Himself to Students
Man accused of exposing self to children

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Metro police are investigating a man accused of lewd behavior outside an Indianapolis school after hours.

The victims, who are young girls, flagged down a police officer in front of their neighborhood school about a man in their neighborhood who was up to no good.

Some families in the southwest Indianapolis neighborhood are just now learning about a man's strange behavior.

It happened around 6 p.m. Tuesday when three girls ages 11, 12 and 14 crossed paths with that man in front of IPS school #46.

That’s where he reportedly exposed himself to the girls. His behavior caught them off guard prompting them to take quick action.

Carol Stepp has grandchildren who attend school 46. She learned about the incident the next day.

“I am not a violent person but he would not be standing," said Stepp. "I would have ran his butt down quicker than crap for doing in front of my grandkids."

The three girls flagged down an officer patrolling near the school. They described the man who exposed himself and his vehicle to the officer. Fortunately, the man did not make any physical contact with the young girls.

Within minutes, Officer William Young located information the 40-year-old suspect’s 2001 Blue Chevy 4T near the school.

Stepp is constantly warning her grandchildren about strangers.

“Somebody comes around you, you take off the other way," said Stepp. "Do not talk to anybody, don't get around nobody, don't walk with nobody. I said the only person that picks you up is me and your grandpa."

Steppe plans to keep an eye out for all the kids in their neighborhood and police make the same suggestion for all parents.

Eyewitness News spoke briefly with a school employee outside IPS #46 who confirmed they are aware of the situation.

The case will be assigned to an IMPD detective for further investigation. IMPD would like to hear from anyone else who may have encountered the same behavior involving possibly the same suspect or vehicle.