Man dragging life-size doll through downtown KC causes alarmed citizens to call police

A man was caught on traffic cameras dragging what turned out to be a life-size female doll through the city. (Photo: Kansas City Police)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WTHR) – An alarming and strange call to police turned into even more of an unexpected incident once officers arrived.

Kansas City police say they received multiple calls Tuesday morning to report a man who was seen carrying around a "topless, unconscious woman on the west side of downtown."

In a post from the police department on Twitter, police report that callers said the man looked like he wanted to throw her over the bridge. Callers also described witnessing the man drop her on the sidewalk and drag her head over a curb. The man then slung the woman over his shoulder and appeared to be trying to undress her.

Multiple police officers responded to the call and when they found the man, they say the incident took an unexpected turn.

The "woman" was actually a life-size female doll that the man said he found in a dumpster behind a restaurant.

The man then carried the woman into the woods.

The police report stated that officers told the man "not to carry it around in public anymore."

A couple traffic cameras caught video of the man and the doll.

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