Man becomes Transformer to take on Colombia's unemployment rate


BOGOTA, Colombia (WTHR) — Colombia's high unemployment rate has forced a man to transform himself from a waiter into a street performer...literally.

Luis Rene Cruz said he wasn't making enough money as a waiter to take care of his family, so he needed a new job. He thought outside the box for his new career.

Taking inspiration from the popular movie franchise "Transformers," Cruz made his idea into a reality.

It took 200 U.S. Dollars and three months to creat a Transformers costume out of cardboard boxes, paint, screws, silicone and a mask.

He starts out looking like a small toy police car, and transforms into an Autobot.

Cruz carries the creation on the back of his bike and takes his one-man show to the streets of Bogota, Colombia, entertaining passing drivers and pedestrians. He said he undergoes an average of 12,000 transformations per month, earning about $13 a day.

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