Man arrested for trying to rob mail carrier at knife-point in Kokomo


KOKOMO, Ind. (WTHR) – A man in Howard County is behind bars, accused of attacking a mail carrier while she was doing her job in Kokomo.

The assault happened Monday, around 2 p.m. at the intersection of Locke St. and Dixon St.

Officers said the carrier was delivering mail in the neighborhood when she was approached by a man who wanted a package that was addressed to a vacant residence.

"Several times throughout her route, this individual kept approaching her asking for the package and she kept telling the individual they could not have the package," said Kokomo Police Major Brian Seldon.

When the woman would not give up the package, she says the man put a knife to her back.

Police said while holding her, he attempted to locate the package in the mail truck but couldn’t locate it. The man ran away from the scene.

While searching the area, police found a suspect vehicle on East Broadway Street. Investigators searched a nearby house and found two men hiding inside.

They were both taken in for questioning. As a result of the investigation, 23-year-old Elisha D. Graham was arrested for attempted robbery.

"She was alert to the suspect, gave a good description of the individual and led us to locate the individual."

The mail carrier was not hurt in the incident. Police have not determined what exactly was in the package, but federal investigators are also looking into the case.

"It just makes us want to know exactly what he was looking for," said Major Seldon. "But he was definitely concerned for this particular package and wanted it pretty bad."

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