Man arrested in bathroom stall assault at Circle Centre Mall


A man has been arrested for allegedly attacking a woman in the bathroom at the Circle Centre Mall.

Police say he hid in a stall and jumped the woman when she walked in.

Officers arrested 22-year-old Randy Pitts, and it turns out they think he may also be responsible for the rape and attempted rape of four women in July.

In all, Pitts faces 20 criminal counts that include rape, kidnapping, criminal confinement and having a gun without a license.

A woman told police she came face-to-face with an armed man in a bathroom stall on a late July morning at Circle Centre Mall.

“It never even occurred to me that it wouldn't be safe to be in a restroom,” said the Indianapolis woman who asked not to be identified.

She had just washed her hands and was getting ready to leave when a man wearing a hoodie, his face covered in a mask, came up from behind.

“He just pushed me into the bathroom stall and forced me to sit down on the toilet and started unzipping his pants,” she said.

All while holding what appeared to be a handgun.

But the mother of three put up a fight.

“There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that that was what he was trying to do," she said. “I just pushed [the gun] down so that it was going towards the floor and away from me, and I started screaming.”

Startled, the man ran out of the restroom, then out of the mall. Her husband was waiting outside but did not know what was going on and was not able to stop the suspect, who remains on the loose.

“I'm not willing to be violated by anybody," she said. “I would rather get shot or killed than let someone take my power away from me.”

Scared by what happened, she's hoping others will take notice.

“Really be cautious everywhere you go, because just because it's a place you thought would be safe, you're not necessarily.”

After speaking with police and describing the gun, which had a red ring around the muzzle, it became clear the weapon was really a toy pistol.

Circle Centre's owner, Simon Property Group, issued a statement, saying, "Shopper safety is our primary concern, and we encourage all customers to immediately alert security or a member of law enforcement if they ever witness suspicious behavior. As the investigation into this isolated incident is ongoing, please refer further questions to IMPD."