Major Tool & Machine rewards 50-year employee with new car

Gene Davis and his new Cadillac CTS. (Photo: Major Tool & Machine)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Many people never spend 50 years in the workforce, let alone at the same company.

Indy manufacturer Major Tool & Machine has a tradition of recognizing their long-time employees, making sure they get the credit they deserve. For years, workers with more than 20 years of service for the company have been treated to a steak dinner at Indianapolis steakhouses.

But in 2010, the company started a new tradition for employees who reach the 50-year milestone—a brand new car. And not just any new car, a Cadillac CTS.

This year, Gene Davis became the second employee to reach the milestone, and get the special gift. Watch a video of the presentation below.

The company shared photos on its Facebook page to document the occasion.

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