Magician drowns during stunt

Chancal Lahiri drowned while trying to pull off a Houdini-inspired stunt. (NBC)

KOKLATA, India (WTHR) — A magician drowned over the weekend while trying to pull off a Houdini-inspired stunt in the Hooghly River in Kolkata.

Chanchal Lahiri, also known by his stage name Mandrake, was wrapped up on Sunday in chains, ropes and six locks, then lowered into the water where he was supposed to escape and resurface.

His body was recovered a day later and identified by his older brother who said Lahiri was just about ot make a name for himself.

According to Indian media, Lahiri had performed a similar trick in 2013 after which he was assaulted by the crowd of onlookers who believed he had cheated.