Louisiana girl's Christmas wishes come true after balloon almost reaches Santa Claus


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLAF) - A Louisiana girl received a Christmas miracle in the form of a balloon that almost found its way to Santa Claus.

Kéani Page released a balloon in the air in Lafayette, Louisiana with a letter to Santa attached, asking for a tablet, light-up shoes, and a turtle.

Four days later, Rachel Goffinet found the balloon and note nearly 800 miles away in Evanston, Indiana - about 10 miles south of the town of Santa Claus. So she put on her elf hat to help Santa Claus fulfill Kéani's wish.

"I'm not going to cry, but this is a Christmas miracle," said Kéani's mom, Sheena.

Six-year-old Kéani and her 10-year-old sister decided their letters would get to Santa faster if they were flown there.

"I thought it would've just come right back down. I never thought it would make it to where it did," Sheena said.

"I came inside and he was yelling about going to find a dog. He wanted to go get the dog," Goffinet said.

But it wasn't a dog in the distance. Instead, it was Kéani's pink and purple princess balloon, with her letter still attached.

"It was right down there about where the ditch line is," Goffinet showed. "Where it landed at was pretty neat because 10 miles north, it would have landed in Santa Claus, Indiana."

"I said, 'Santa Claus, Indiana?' This is crazy. This is a miracle," Sheena said.

Goffinet said her family was already planning to help another family for Christmas, so Kéani's wish was perfect.

Friday morning, Kéani had a special present under her tree from the big man himself.

"Dear Kéani, I received your princess balloon with your wish list," an attached note read.

She got everything she wanted and more from one pink princess balloon.

"Really a believer. I'm a believer. This is a Christmas miracle and I do believe. I believe in miracles. This is real," Sheena said.

Goffinet says she tracked down the Pages' address with help from Kéani's mom and her school.