Long-lost pit bull reunited with Indianapolis family after three years

Paloma was reunited with her family. (All photos courtesy Casa del Toro)
A pit bull who went missing three years ago is finally back home.

Pit bull rescue group Casa del Toro explained on their Facebook page that the dog they nicknamed "Paloma" is actually "Isis," who went missing after a home robbery three years ago.

"The family never gave up hope that they may one day see her again, and today was that day! On Friday evening we had rescued this girl from the shelter, and this morning we posted our first pictures of her. When the owners woke up to see our Facebook pictures, they contacted us immediately with proof that this was indeed their missing dog," Casa del Toro wrote.

"This girl has been on quite an incredible journey over the last three years, and this type of story is not something that we experience every day. We are incredibly happy to have helped make this reunion for this wonderful family and for this very deserving dog! Please make sure that your pets are micro chipped so that if they somehow do get out of your care they can be quickly returned. Welcome home good girl!"

Erin Randall with Casa del Toro tells WTHR that Isis was stolen on the birthday of the family's youngest daughter - which is tomorrow. Now it turns out they'll be able to celebrate her return.