Local woman warning others of mailbox scam

Standard USPS postal box (Source: Shutterstock Image ID: 196493342)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — A woman who uses United States Postal Service drop boxes on a regular basis is warning others who do the same.

She had a package get stuck in the box, and it was no coincidence. The managers at USPS in Indianapolis confirmed her suspicious too.

While dropping a return package Thursday morning in the box on East Street downtown near Michigan Street, she noticed her package didn't drop.

Jennifer Brilliant said, “I tried shutting it a couple of times and realized it still wasn't moving. I tried to pull it back out and it was completely stuck."

The stuck package ended up in a glob of super glue. Brilliant feared a thief would come by if she left so she worked feverishly for 10 minutes to get her return merchandise unstuck.

This all went down during rainy weather in the metro area, so a quick drop would have been really convenient for the mother of two.

She knew her package was still visible from the opening of the mail slot. She also knew anyone who wanted to grab it and go could do so.

“I had my foot on the mailbox pulling with all my might. I cut my arm, bruised my arm trying to get it back out,” said Brilliant

She ended up with glue all over her hands and her jacket too from struggling reaching into the mail box.

Eyewitness News learned from the Post Office several weeks ago one of their carriers found another mailbox vandalized with glue the same way. The post office considered the glue incident several weeks ago an isolated situation. Although that may have been the case, it happened again.

So now Brilliant plans to use the post office itself for returns, especially after what she learned from her own researched on glue filled mail boxes.

“In my Google search it popped up in 2017 as a pretty bad problem,” she said. “The idea is for thieves to coat the interior door and then a check would get stuck and then they would just come along and rip the envelope and take the check and then they have your bank account information."

Brilliant advises from now on before you put something in a mailbox make sure you're not in a sticky situation.

The U.S. Post Office encourages customers to report any suspicious activity with mailboxes. Tampering with property belonging to the USPS is a federal crime and punishable by law.