Local truck company owners look to increase security against thieves


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Thieves breaking into semi-trucks to steal the batteries. It's a crime that pops up every few years, but this time, they took it a step further.

Metro police say after the burglars stole about 30 truck batteries from 'Celadon Trucking' on Raymond Street, on Indianapolis' southwest side, they used one of the semis to ram through the gate to escape.

That stolen semi was later found about a mile and a half down the road with serious damage.

Another trucking company across the street tells Eye Witness news that they were hit three years ago, having more than 100 batteries stolen in just a few months.

They ended up having to beef up security and spend $500 a month to lease an electric fence for their property.

"It's not pretty. It doesn't look great. It's almost like a third world country," said Taylor's Truck and Trailer owner, Robert Woodward. "I mean, they use a lot of electric fences in third world countries and that's what this city is coming to."

He adds that it's crimes like these that hit small businesses hard. The batteries alone cost $100 a piece.

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