Local teen hopes to create a happier world through music, poetry


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — If you're going to pray, don't worry. If you're going to worry, don't pray. One recent high school graduate truly believes that, which is why it’s one of her favorite sayings. She prays a lot. She writes a lot. She sings a lot, and she smiles a whole lot. People who know her think that's what makes her a ray of sunshine.

Her name is Ke'J Taylor, and she turned 18 in February. Thirteen years earlier, at the age of five, she says that's when she started writing poetry.

"As I learned more, experienced more and started to face some of life's challenges, the poetry got deeper,” said Taylor.

She said she's written nearly 100 poems. Out of those, she's published a handful. During her senior year of high school, Taylor interned at the Harrison Center, and that's where she pushed her skills even further to writing and producing music. She said her favorite part of her day is when she gets to go in the little recording cubbyhole at the Harrison Center and make music.

Her song, called “Welcome to the New School," focuses on the Maple Crossing area of Indianapolis. It highlights how new businesses are moving in and doing great things without taking away from the community's history.

"It was about a tattoo parlor and the parallels of how ink is permanent so how we should be making permanent imprints on our city,” she said.

She relays this message through music because she believes it's a language everyone speaks.

"Music is the one thing that everybody can relate to,” said Taylor. “It's kind of like smiling.”

Besides making music, Taylor also loves making people smile.

““It just makes your day,” said Taylor. “You could be having a terrible day and then someone smiles at you, and you're like why are you so happy? Because the sun is out or maybe because it is raining or maybe because I just saw my favorite person ever.” She also added, “You smile through pain. You smile through pleasure . It's so easy."

As Taylor writes her own story, she wants to help others with theirs.

"I believe my purpose on this earth is to spread love and wealth,” said Taylor. “Not monetary value but this metaphysical love that's not tangible, that's not far away but this type of love that's right here right now."

She pushes that energy out so others can take it in.

“I strongly believe in the system of cause and effect,” she said. “I really understand that every action has a reaction, but my future is dependent on my present.”

So when she smiles, she hopes you do too, and when you listen to her music she wants it to move you.

Taylor plans to attend Indiana University in the fall. She's going to be taking some writing classes but plans to pursue a career as an entertainment lawyer or an FBI agent. She said she’s still trying to figure that out, but she knows one thing for sure. She said, "give me 10 years, and you'll be hearing about me."

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