Local man gaining national attention for impersonation of head coaches

Joey Mulinaro has gained attention across the country for his impersonations of head coaches (WTHR, Taylor Tannebaum)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — It all started with a little "Luck."

“When I was freshman in college I did my first ever Luck impression on my radio show," said Joey Mulinaro, an Indianapolis media personality.

For years, Mulinaro kept his Luck impression under wraps — only showing friends and family. That was until last March, when the he let the quarterback back out of the bag.

“I was so nervous cause I was like will I get in trouble? Is this any good? And people really enjoyed it," he said.

But then Luck announced his retirement.

“Andrew Luck kinda screwed me," Mulinaro said. "He retired so I was like I can't do Luck anymore cause he’s ya know out in fountain square and hiding and raising a baby and things like that.”

So he decided to expand his repitoire, tapping into the college football world. First, he tried his hand with LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron, the boisterous Louisiana native with a booming voice.

Then on Thanksgiving Day, he turned his attention to the king of the college football: Nick Saban.

And that’s when Twitter turned its attention to Mulinaro.

On Thanksgiving Day while celebrating with family, he said Sports Illustrated and ESPN reached out asking if they could use the video he posted.

He got 1.6 million views on that one video.

“From there I was like was oh man, this is what it’s like to go viral," he said.

So he kept it going. Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney became Mulinaro’s latest victim just last week. And that’s when he received a message proposing an offer, a chance to watch LSU and Clemson square off in the National Championship.

“Somebody from Twitter reached out to me Monday week before game and was like 'hey got a cool opportunity for you,' and i was like oh sweet they’ll have me tweet something, and they’ll send me a t-shirt," Mulinaro said. "Then I checked my DM, and it’s like 'hey we want to invite you to this exclusive thing for Tweet Suite for the national championship like we’ll send you down!'

Mulinaro said he didn't have to think twice about the offer. On Monday night, he'll be hanging in the Bayou watching the national championship all thanks to his talent and Twitter.