Local chefs cooking up Super Bowl Sunday feasts

Suzanne Rockwell has all the burners going this week.

The Super Bowl party scene is a windfall for local chefs who explained the kitchen competition to Eyewitness News this week.

Chef Suzanne Rockwell sells a lot of soup and home cooking to her regular personal chef clients, but this week the menu requests are for the best.

"A lot of shrimp, a lot of seafood. A lot of tortes, a lot of filets, a lot of lobster," she said, describing this week's requests.

She says out-of-town visitors found her on Google.

"A CEO told his executive associate, 'I need a party for twenty and I want it in a private home. I do not want to have it in a restaurant. I do not want to have it in a hotel.' So we had to scramble to find a house for him," she said.

A friend is getting $2,000 to rent her house for the event.

"We feel like we need to make hay while the sun shines, so we are cooking as fast as we can right now to fill all our orders," said Rockwell.

Jerry Adams heads up a much larger catering operation, Levy. His company won the contract to provide all the food for Super Bowl Village and the Huddle - on top of Levy's regular business, Banker's Life Fieldhouse.

"We have people here from Churchill Downs that run the Kentucky Derby. We have people here from Pittsburgh who do the Pittsburgh Pirates stadium. We have people from Chicago. So we brought in resources from everywhere to help us pull this off," said Adams.

Adams had to adjust demand estimates after the Chef's Table at the Huddle exceeded a day's projection in just the first hour of business. There are three kitchens and four executive chefs working overtime to keep up.

"Super Bowl Sunday, people consume more food in a single day than any other day of the year and we will be feeding a lot of people, so we will be contributing to all those folks consuming food on Super Bowl Sunday," said Adams.

Levy is also catering a pre-game party from noon to 3:00 pm Sunday for 750 Giants fans. Their special request included a signature Bloody Mary.