Local author writes children's book to help restlessness in kids


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Between video games, tablets and social media, there's so much stimulation for kids these days.

An Indianapolis businesswoman has developed a tool to help children calm down.

Olivia Roney Is the author and creator of "Your Chime."

It's a book for children 3 years and older that is a step-by-step guide for parents and their kids on how to effectively utilize tools.

The book is geared to instill "mindfulness in children."

“I was absolutely amazed by the results almost immediately,” Roney said of implementing the chime – which only takes approximately 14 seconds to use – into her program. “Both in getting the kids to understand the concept and helping them calm down and improve their focus. The results were so impactful that it inspired the idea to write "Your Chime" – because I knew if we just tried to put the chime in the homes it would be very difficult to understand, so the book is instrumental in explaining how and when to utilize the tool.”

Roney has started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes she can raise enough money to get the book on the market. As of now, the author is self-marketing the children's book.