Little girl reaches out to Harriet Tubman mural in inspiring photo


CAMBRIDGE, Md. (WTHR) – A moving photo of a little girl reaching out towards a realistic mural of Harriet Tubman is inspiring people on social media.

The girl in the photograph, 3-year-old "Lovie" Duncan, visited the mural in Cambridge, Maryland, with her grandmother Tracy Kilgore Lynndee.

Kilgore Lynndee snapped the photo of Lovie touching hands with the mural.

The mural, painted by artist Michael Rosato, was nearly finished when Lovie visited it, with only the hand left to be painted.

A tweet of the photo posted by journalist Yashar Ali has been shared nearly 2,000 times.

In a video posted by mural visitor Armah Ogund'e, on Facebook, Rosato explains the meaning of the painting.

"The inspiration comes from that moment the slave has to make the decision to go, and this incredibly strong, compassionate woman is about to offer that hand for that freedom" Rosato said in the video.

Harriet Tubman was an American abolitionist and political activist who was born into slavery in Maryland. She helped approximately 70 enslaved people escape to freedom via the Underground Railroad.

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