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Friday Fit Tip: Working your abs

Former Colts linebacker Gary Brackett shares his ab roller workout.

INDIANAPOLIS — For this Friday Fit Tip, we are back with entrepreneur and former Colts linebacker Gary Brackett. 

Brackett is in great shape and he's sharing one of his fitness tips for working toward those shredded abs. 

"So the planks, I've seen you do that before, so this is like bringing it up another notch. This is called the ab roller, and what you do is you really stabilize the abs, strong core. You fire that core up, and what you want to do is extend out as far as you can. For some, it's here," Brackett said, demonstrating. "For others, it's all the way down." 

Then you bring it back up, and what that does is strengthen your core, but it affects every part of your body.

As for how many reps, Brackett said "these really fire your core, so if you did ten reps, three sets of ten, you'll really see it. Not only that, the people with the six-pack abs, this is how they're doing it."

Brackett said you can buy an ab roller from online retailers like Amazon, or at area sporting goods stores.

It's something to challenge your family. Everyone gets a vibe in it and it's affordable.

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