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Friday Fit Tip: Walking lunges

Walking lunges are metabolic and functional and a great way to build leg muscles.

INDIANAPOLIS — For this Friday's Fit Tip, we're with personal trainer Ron Allison from Carmel Total Fitness, and we're talking about walking lunges. He showed us the key to doing lunges correctly and explained why he likes them so much.

"The key to doing your walking lunges correctly is to keep your feet about hip width apart throughout that entire movement," Allison said. "And the reason that I love lunges so much - walking lunges at that - they're very metabolic. They're functional, which correlates to your everyday strength. So it's a great way to build muscles in the legs."

"You can do this in the middle of your walk," Tiernon suggested. "Yes, definitely," Allison replied.

"What do you see people do wrong," Tiernon asked, "and what's the right way to do it?"

"Usually, people walk a tightrope with their lunges, and I don't want you to think 'tightrope,'" Allison explained as he put one foot in front of the other as if he was walking on a rope. 

Instead, he spread his feet apart for the lunges. "Think like you're on a railroad track, so keep your feet hip-width apart," he said. "Plant that front foot. Press through and go into your next step right after."

"The thing that I love about this is you can count," Tiernon said. "Either you're doing them for 30 seconds or you're doing eight for each leg, and you can really measure the progress."

Remember, your Friday Fit Tip for doing walking lunges to build leg strength is to think about railroad tracks, not a tightrope. 

Watch Ron demonstrate the walking lunge technique in the video player.

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