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Friday Fit Tip: Overcoming moods to maintain momentum

Health expert Julie Voris said to not let your mood dictate your momentum.

INDIANAPOLIS — Do you ever just think, “I'm not in the mood. I'm not in the mood to get moving. I'm not in the mood to work out?”

We have to put the moods out of the way, according to Julie Voris, a health and fitness expert, coach and business owner. 

Her mantra on this is to not let your mood affect your momentum.

“I think on Jan. 1, everyone gets up and thinks there's something magical that's going to happen,” Voris said. “And the only thing magical that happens is the decision that we make to make something magical happen.”

“Those feelings that we want on the other side of the workout, whatever that might be - for me, it's always calm and confident and productive, they actually come from doing the workout,” Voris explained.

“So the feelings come from doing the thing, not the other way around. So we're not going to wake up anymore and wait to feel like it or try to rev ourselves up or anything,” she said. “We're just going to step into the habit and remember that we're not going to let our mood dictate our momentum. We're going to do the thing, and then, we're going to feel the thing. We're going to feel the way that we want to because some is always better than none, as we talked about before.”

“We don't have to rev ourselves up for some six-hour-long workout,” Voris said. “Some is better than none. Our mood is not going to dictate our momentum.”

Your mood is going to feel so much greater after you actually “do it” and persevere, even though you weren't in the mood. 

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