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Friday Fit Tip: Starting slow

Too often, people making health and fitness resolutions in January end up injuring themselves.

INDIANAPOLIS — Our first Friday Fit Tip of the new year is not going to issue a fitness challenge. Instead, we're going to get some advice from the experts before diving into fitness resolutions.

Dr. Clark Scott at Summit Spine and Therapy in Indianapolis said he often — too often — sees people making health and fitness resolutions in January, and then, they end up becoming patients.

Overuse injuries are common. "It could be back, hip, knee, anything of that category," Scott said. "People tend to take two big steps too quick. I would say, let's find your goal. Let's backtrack and set up your game plan. If you stick to your game plan and don't go out of the gates too quick, then, you can really minimize your load, and you can keep moving because what we're looking for is a shift, you know, in lifestyle."

"So, make your incremental load and warm up, and I think that's good," Scott said.

Don't take on too much too fast. Let your body adjust to the changes you are trying to make. 

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