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Friday Fit Tip: 'Spooky' circuit workout for Halloween

The letters in the word 'spooky' spell six steps in a workout circuit that works your upper and lower body along with your core.

INDIANAPOLIS — We are in the Halloween spirit as we head into the weekend leading up to Monday's spooky spectacle.

For our Friday Fit Tip, Luke House from Lifetime has a Halloween workout for you.

"So we're actually going to run through six different movements today using the acronym 'spooky,'" he said.

"We're going to go through a squat, pushup, overhead press, overhead abs, kettle bell swing and then your choice of an ab movement," explained House.

He said he likes this combination of movements because it offers a good mixture of upper body movement, lower body movement as well as core exercises.

The number of repetitions depends on your level of fitness.

"So, for our more beginner trainees, I'd recommend keeping it on the low side - that 12-rep range," House said. "For more advanced trainees, we're going to bump that up to 20."

Just remember the acronym is "spooky" when you try this Friday's Fit Tip while you work to be a Best You.

Watch Luke House show Anne Marie Tienon of 13News the six exercises involved in the spooky circuit in the video player.

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