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Best You: Selecting the right plate may keep you from seeking seconds

Your Friday Fit Tip shares an easy but effective way to use portion control on your way to better health.

INDIANAPOLIS — Your Friday Fit Tip emphasizes portion control.  

I want to show you this plate that I got from Lilly years ago. I really love it because it shows all the different food groups and their proportion to one another.  

Look how small protein is in comparison to vegetables. Now in order to make sure you have the right combination and sizes on your plate, you don't need this plate.  You can use something like this, an old plate I used to use for my kids when they were little and it's really great for measuring portions.  

Also when selecting your dishware, pick this plate over this one, the smaller bowl over this larger one. It's a small tweak, but the key is if you don't get seconds, this is one way to help you be a best you.

(Click on the media player to see Anne Marie Tiernon's demonstration.)

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