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Friday Fit Tip: Rolling out knee pain

Dr. Clark Scott at Summit Spine and Therapy in Castleton showed us some some exercises that could help us with knee pain.

INDIANAPOLIS — Friday's Fit Tip is for those of you who have knee pain.  

We came to the expert, Dr. Clark Scott, a chiropractor at Summit Spine and Therapy in Castleton. He showed us some some exercises that could help us with our knees.

"The fun thing about the knee is it's caught in the crossfire between the hip and the ankle," Dr. Scott explained, "so we're going to pick on the muscles that are our main agents that cause pain in the front and on the side of the knee by rolling them out and gaining length."

Dr. Scott told us where to find the bone on the outside of our hip, then we are going to stay below that as we start to roll, working our way down. "When we find tight and tender spots we're going to slow down," said Dr. Scott, "work through them, and move on. We're going to work all the way down to our knee and then we're going to progress to the front of our thigh."

"From here we're going to walk it from the hip and do the same process as we find tighter spots that need more attention. Slow down, work through them, work all the way down to the knee," he said.

Watch Dr. Scott demonstrate the movements in the video player.   

The key to this exercise is having a roller. You can pick them up at retailers like TJ Maxx, Target and Walmart. They don't cost much and are a really good investment to help you work out your quad, your hamstring and your IT band, all in hopes of having healthy knees.

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