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Friday Fit Tip: Resistance training with weights

Often times, people try to throw around weight that they can't control. It's all about proper form and then building up weight.

INDIANAPOLIS — In today's Friday Fit Tip, Anne Marie Tiernon talks about weights and resistance training. 

So the big question is, if you come up to a rack of weights, how do you know where you should begin -- and is the goal really more weight or is it more reps?          

"I would definitely stick to three sets, rep ranges of 12 to 15," Jeremy Stephens of DYC Fitness recommended. "Form is always going to be key, though oftentimes people come in to try to throw around big weight and they can't control it, so form control is always right." 

For a basic arm exercise, Stephens recommends the lateral fly. You can do this with dumbbells or every day items you can find at home like cans/water bottles, laundry detergent, etc. 

Start out with your hands in front of your thighs and keeping your wrists tight the entire time, slowly raise your arms up to about ear level, maybe just a little bit above, and then come right back down. 

The goal there is to pick a weight where you can do this 12 to 15 times for three sets. And if that's too much, lower your weight.

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