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Friday Fit Tip: Perfect push-ups

A push-up can be the perfect exercise because it makes your body function as one unit.

CARMEL, Ind. — Friday's Fit Tip shows you how to do the perfect push-up.

Claire from Carmel Total Fitness showed Anne Marie Tiernon why a push-up can be the perfect exercise.

They involve a lot of muscles at once, and they're a compound movement, so they teach your body to function as one unit.

The easiest variation is to start with your hands on a bench or an elevated surface while on your knees. Then you simply push up from there. 

Once you've mastered that you can do a elevated push up with the legs straight. 

And then once you master those, you can also do any push up on the floor. 

You're generally going to come to the floor back to your knees.

You want to work up to that regular push-up. 

Try to keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle, and keep your head in a comfortable position to not cause neck strain.

Do as many repetitions as feels comfortable for you.

Follow these steps to add push ups to your workout routine as you work to be a best you.