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Friday Fit Tip: Maximizing bicep curls

Personal trainer Ron Allison said pausing during a bicep curl engages more muscle fibers and helps build more muscle.

INDIANAPOLIS — If you're like many who work out at home, you want to get the most from the exercise equipment and weights in which you've likely invested.

Ron Allison, a personal trainer with Carmel Total Fitness, joined WTHR's Anne Marie Tiernon this week to help you maximize that investment you've made in your health and wellness.

Allison showed a very simple tweak to a weightlifting exercise we all know: the bicep curl.

"To manipulate the weight, you would like to have more time under tension," Allison explained. "Instead of doing the full rep, you want to stop halfway," he said, pausing the lift with his elbows bent at 90 degrees. "Come back down, and then, complete your rep."

Allison said the up-and-down motion is very good for engaging more muscle fibers to help build more muscle.  

"The hard thing about it is to not use that momentum," Tiernon observed, "to have that 'stop' with the time under tension."

"You're forced to stop," Allison explained, "which means more muscle recruitment to help your body allow that stoppage."

Watch Allison demonstrate the exercise in the video player:

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