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Friday Fit Tip: Moving, even a little, is good for you

Movement, even for ten or 15 minutes at a time, can help you become your best you.

INDIANAPOLIS — Our Friday Fit Tip this week centers simply on movement.

Many people are having conversations with me about exercise, as in, "What's their favorite exercise?" But we're going to get rid of the "exercise" word for a minute and just talk about movement. 

We visited the home of health and fitness expert Julie Voris. She has this big fancy bike, but, you know, it's really just about movement. Some is better than none. 

"Yes, that's the mantra going into 2022 and beyond," said Voris as she pedaled on her exercise bike. "Some is better than none. I think we all get caught up in the mindset, myself included - I've been there - that we have to go to the gym, we've got to work out six hours a day. We've got to have a personal trainer. We've got to do all the things. But what if we went for a walk today for 10 minutes? What if tomorrow we walked for 11?  And what if the next day we did some yoga? And what if the next day we rode our bikes with our kids? And we just focused on moving our bodies in a way that made us feel better. Some is always better than none."    

That is such a great tip, and did you hear those increments that Julie used? Ten minutes and then 11 minutes. Don't we always say 10, 15, 20, we just amp it up so much? 

So move a little bit every day, increase it as you feel better, and you'll get steps closer to being a best you.

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