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Friday Fit Tip: Get the most from bicep curls

To attain that little extra "umph" in your curls, try a looser grip and add a wrist twist at the top of your lift.

INDIANAPOLIS — This Friday's Fit Tip takes us to LA Fitness, where Lydia Horner is a trainer who explained how to maximize your biceps workout. Typically, the biceps lift centers on how much weight we use in the standard curl, and how many repetitions we curl with that weight.

But Horner told Anne Marie Tiernon of 13News that the conversation should go beyond that.

"Instead of coming all the way up and really squeezing the weight, you want to make sure you loosen your grip a little bit," Horner explained. "That way, it doesn't hit your forearms, but it hits your actual bicep."

Horner also demonstrated a small movement at the peak of the curl to enhance its effectiveness. 

"If you have a loose grip and you come all the way up, at the top, just give it a little twist to the outside, and you'll hit that peak in your bicep muscle," Horner said.

To attain that little extra "umph," in your curl, twist and try not to squeeze the weight.

That's your Friday Fit Tip. 

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