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Friday Fit Tip: Flight plank exercise for the lower back

Lower back stretches help counter all the time we spend leaning forward.

INDIANAPOLIS — We spend a great deal of time in our daily lives leaning forward. But leaning forward so much does little to help keep our lower back in shape.

Jordan Estes at Lifetime showed us a simple lower back exercise called flight plank.

While lying on your stomach with your arms extended down toward your hips, you use your core and back muscles to raise your chest off the ground while looking at the floor. 

"We're going to hold that for about ten seconds," Estes said, explaining that you also keep your feet on the floor while you do the exercise.

"Try to keep the neck relaxed," he said.

Lower back stretches counter all that "lean forward" time and help you become your best you.

Watch how to do the flight plank in the video player.

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