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Friday Fit Tip: Dance party workout

A dance class with friends can serve as a great workout.

INDIANAPOLIS — For Friday's Fit Tip this week we went to DanceWorks Indy with 13Sunrise anchor Jalea Brooks and Executive Producer Lauren Morgan for a dance party workout.

Kerry was our party coordinator. She has "305 fitness class" that she showed us.

"305 is the area code of Miami, Florida," Kerry explained, "so we're trying to bring the Miami dance club vibes into your dance class and this is like a dance party workout."

"So we're going to walk out, out, up, up (raising arms) take it back. So we go out, out, up, up, (repeating steps and arm motion).

"Let's take it to the side." (walking sideways) "We roll the hips." (arms waving)  "This is called our Shakira move." (laughter)

"So it's just a fun way to get your body moving, start to sweat and you won't even realize that you're working out," Kerry said.

Watch her moves in the video player.

If you would like to come to a class, this is the link to DanceWorks Indy at 537 E Ohio St. Suite 100 in downtown Indianapolis.

They are another great option as you work to be a best you.

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