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Friday Fit Tip: Squats are the ultimate exercise

Squatting is a great foundational movement because it involves your core, your glutes and your legs.

INDIANAPOLIS — One of our Friday Fit Tip challenges is for you to try to work up to 50 squats a day. But the key is to make sure you have good form because we don't want you to get hurt. 

Jeremy Stephens of DYC Fitness in Indianapolis explained why squatting is so important to overall wellness.

"I think it's a great foundational movement," he said. "It's the ultimate exercise. It involves your core, your glutes, your legs."

But you need to know how to squat the right way, so Stephens walked us through the proper steps to maintain form and make the exercise effective. 

"First off," he said, "keep your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width apart, alright, and when I come down, I'm going to act like I'm sitting down in an imaginary chair, driving my weight through my heels. And as I come back up, I'm squeezing the core and I'm going to repeat from there." 

Fifty squats a day is a great goal, and Jeremy said you don't even need to add weight to accomplish those types of goals because squats are a great foundational movement at any level.

You can do squats anywhere. For instance, Anne Marie Tiernon joined Jeremy in a park on the Downtown Canal for their demonstration.

You can do your daily squats in your bedroom, even when you're traveling or on on vacation.  

Remember, 50 squats a day is our Friday Fit Tip challenge to help you become your best you.

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