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Friday Fit Tip: Battle rope workout

Battle ropes are a great finisher after you've done your strength training to accelerate your heart rate.

INDIANAPOLIS — For this Friday's Fit Tip, we visited LA Fitness and trainer Lydia Horner to talk about battling ropes. You may have seen them and not been really quite sure what to do with them, so Horner showed us how to use them and what benefit they provide.

"This is a great finisher for after you're done with your strength training to come over and really accelerate your heart rate," Horner explained. "So there's three ways to do them. The first one is going to be alternating your arms. So you want to kind of squat down, that way it's more of a full body, and you really want to slam them up and down each way. It's really going to tone and sculpt your arms and core."

"The second way is both arms straight up and down it'll really, again, hit your core and your quads," Horner said.

"The third way is going to be doing a rotation, kind of side-to-side to really also hit those obliques," she said.  

"You can really feel that on your sides," 13News' Anne Marie Tiernon said after trying a few repetitions of all three exercises. 

So when you see the battling ropes, you can try three different exercises for about 30 seconds. Horner said 30 seconds of each will definitely bring up your heart rate. "Mine is really up there," said Tiernon, "and we've only been at it for about 40 seconds!"

Try the three battle rope exercises for 30 seconds each. That is your Friday Fit Tip!

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