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Friday Fit Tip: Balance exercise for now and later

Working on your balance now helps prevent falls in the future.

INDIANAPOLIS — For this Friday's Fit Tip, we have a balance challenge for you to help you stay strong and prevent falls in the future. 

We went back to Laurie Hatcher with the Hot Room for this challenge.

"We are good balancers on two feet," Hatcher explained. "Just taking the time, it's as simple as learning to stand on one leg," she said.

As she moved into our balancing act, Hatcher said, "Stand on your right leg, pull the abs in, lift tall out of your spine, then just lift your left leg to whatever feels comfortable."

"You can point and flex," she continued. "You can bend the leg you're standing on work in the flexion. You can take your arms wherever they want to go. Play with moving your leg," she recommended, by taking it around behind you while bending foreward to simulate picking something up from the floor.

By bringing it all in and rotating, you're learning to balance, bending everything while on one foot. Then you eventually bring your elevated foot back down and switch legs.  

Standing on your left foot, you lift your right leg and execute the same movements again. 

"Take it to wherever your body wants to be," Hatcher explained, "but allow your focal point and your breath to guide you. Keep it simple."

While working on your movements, you have to keep your mind focused and in the moment to help you set up your next movement to maintain your balance.

Watch Laurie demonstrate the technique in the video player.

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