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Friday Fit Tip: 10-minute ultimate arm challenge

As the weather warms up, it's time to get the shoulders, biceps and triceps in their best shape.

INDIANAPOLIS — As the temperatures warm up, we're going to move from long sleeves to short sleeves and sleeveless, and we want to make sure our arms are in shape.

This Friday's Fit Tip comes from fitness YouTuber Annie Taylor Efremsky. It's the 10-minute ultimate arm challenge.

Beginners can start by just doing arm circles. They get the blood flowing and provide muscle tones to the shoulders, biceps and triceps. The goal is to do it for time.

Start with 30 seconds forward, then 30 seconds backward. Keep adding time once it's no longer a challenge. When you can do it for one minute or a minute and a half, you might be ready for the 10-minute ultimate arm challenge.