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Friday Fit Tip: Ab workouts with BOSU ball

Using a BOSU ball during abdominal workouts protects your back while reaching areas of your core that you would miss on a flat surface.

INDIANAPOLIS — This week's Friday Fit Tip shows you how to work your abdominal muscles. 

We went back to visit Lydia Horner at LA Fitness. She likes to add the BOSU ball to her ab workouts. 

"It really helps protect your low back," Horner said, "but it also hits a lot of different areas in your core that you wouldn't otherwise do on a flat surface."

She described how to use the BOSU, which is an acronym for "both sides up," meaning the ball can be used with either the round or flat side facing upward. 

"To to start out, let's do some simple crunches, all the way up squeezing your abs," Horner said as she sat up from a prone position with the BOSU under her lower torso. "Always make sure you exhale the top of the movement. So come down and elongate your whole core, then slowly crunch up, squeezing all the little parts of your obliques as well."

You should be making contact with your head on the ground when you go back down. "Take a little nap," Horner said.

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"If you want to kick it up a notch, go ahead and go into alternate toe taps," Horner said. "Every time you tap a toe, make sure to exhale to really contract your abdominals."

So if you're working your abdominal muscles, this week's Friday Fit Tip is to try a BOSU ball and add it to the mix.

Watch Horner's demonstration with Anne Marie Tiernon in the video player.

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